Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cutting Cane

Hugh Cutting Cane
5x7 Photograph
by Tom Willa
Wow, where does the time go. That's twenty one days without post. That's our son Hugh glass blowing artist extraordinaire at work. I shot it with my prime 55mm lens, used day light and stopped it down or is that up ( just about wide open 2.o) to help it freeze the motion. I think the fact that the studio was filled with light from the furnace and warm long autumn natural light from a sky light created a harmony of color. I also shot a real estate listing in South Seattle this week, too. I have an early meeting so good night, good day and sweet dreams come true.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FREE September Holiday Giveaway

Miki, Bella and Diane
4x5 Photograph
By Tom Willa
Here's another shot from the other day. SEPTEMBER HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY
September is really here. It is my birthday month. In honor of this event, I am giving away an hour photo session to the first, fifth and tenth person who calls me (206 940 2162) about portrait photography. This includes the sitting fee plus one 8x10. This offer covers: head shots, family, groups, senior portraits and engagement photos. Photographs always make a great holiday gift.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Family Portrait

Grandma, Bella and Grandpa
8x10 Photograph by Tom Willa
It has been about three weeks since I last posted. I struggled with the results of another public painting venue long enough to shift my priority to photography professionally. This is one of the photos from the first photo shoot in the new studio. It is formal portrait capturing the air lightness, love and pride.
So now the specialities are Portraits formal to fun, Architectural, and Weddings. I am just letting putting the word out the ToMi Creations web page will be revamped and adding a Facebook page ToMi Photography is in the works. We will still do some paintings and posting but, the focus just has to change. Happy end of summer and remember to keep on the sunny side, Tom