Friday, February 19, 2010

Cool Warm

Tree Ornaments
8x10 Photo Collage
By ToMi Creations Photography
Tom Willa
Well a triangle of images should work. Beside obtaining a wonderful Skeleton Vase for Valentine's Day for Miki. We acquired some tree ornaments and hung them on Valentine's Day,too. The next morning there was a frost, The top photo is about cool, the lower left is about warming up, I tweaked the background warming it up, the right hand side photo is an afternoon shot with no adjustments. I am often inspired by the light at different times during the day this is my snap shot of our weather during the last week. The clear nights are chilly but the blue sky during the days is fun. Where ever you are enjoy the beauty of the moment. Thanks to all of you who have visited driving the counter over 2K

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