Saturday, January 9, 2010

Clear Vase

Clear Vase 4x5 Photograph
by ToMi Creations Photography
Glass Vase Hugh Willa
This photograph captures the spark of humanity and the beauty of creativity the artist was able to achieve. It was shot with natural light taken with 50mm lens. The delicate nature of the flower vase in contrast to the practicality of the water glass is emphasized. The focal area of interest is accented by the contrast between the colors of the desk blotter green,brown and white background. Speaking of background, the skull and books elements address human learning which is the only way such a vessel can be created. If I could adjust one element of the photo it would be to move the water glass to the right eliminating the negative space between it and the top of the vase. Many photographs of glass art are taken against a neutral background this photograph for me captures the beauty created by the artist placed in the light of our daily lives. Happy New Years.

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