Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Self Portrait January 2010

Photograph and Digital Interpretation
by ToMi Creations Photography
What we have here is a studio shot that has been used to create a digital image. I finished up a head shot session which was part of a project for the Keller Williams Office in Renton. I was using
a strobe flash and camera mounted Speedlight SB-600, I was pretty happy with the effect. The strobe has one shot left when it is turned off. I decided to grab a self portrait shot. I am looking for an image to do some marketing which inspired the composition and me to do some manipulation.
The composition is about working behind the lens, arm tucked in for solid foundation other arm floating but ready to adjust setting or give direction to subjects. Professional photography takes knowledge, skills and desire to create inspired images which capture the beauty of the moment.
The Digital Interpretation comes from the very important aspect of understanding your subject. Here's the why: sometimes I want to create a traditional image, other times I think you should celebrate the possibilities of digital imaging. Here's the how: I did some magic wand, some threshold, little bit of cutout and some tweaking thus creating the Digital Interpretation.

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