Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flower Vase

flower Vase
Soft Pastel on Art Spectrum Colorfix

Winter flower paintings are a tradition for me. It started way back in 05 with a trip National Botanical Gardens in D.C.. This year the flowers are in a vase in the living room/photo studio. I am seeking anyone who has an opinion, which background works for you? I didn't labor very much in Photoshop but wanted to give you the impression of changing background wall colors. The blue was supposed to cool down the wall but the temperature and value may have driven it into the warm range. Anyway please if you like one better than the other let me know? Many mahalos and happy trails, Tom


Miki Willa said...

I think the lighter blue makes the flowers pop, but the darker color makes the vase work better. This is a hard call. I really like the painting. The reflection is wonderful on the glass table top. It is nice to have beautiful flowers on a rainy cold winter day.

Willa said...

The flowers certainly pop more with the lighter wall in the photos. What does reality say?

RACHEL LAM said...

I agree with Miki; I'm torn between the two but I personally, coming from SUCH AN ARTSY FARTSY (aha) background would pick the lighter blue wall. See you soon, Tom!

Tom Willa said...

Thanks to both of you. I touched up the yellow tulips and played with the table reflection, cleaning it up. I am still not sure about the wall but greatly appreciate your help with procesing that decison.