Monday, March 30, 2009

Collar Pick up Glass and Photos

Photo Collage
by Tom Willa
Here's some digital design from a photo shoot at Viscosity. I pretty much got lost in the photos, what you see above is Hugh working the process where sections of cane are fused together to form the vessel which than is blown and formed by glass artist. There is a name for the technique but it eludes me. I have been experimenting with different lenses yesterday was a 50mm 1:1.4D which worked out because it was fast. The depth of field is the tricky in relationship to f-stop, the shutter speed to image clarity, all have to be balance to the intensity of the light. I used some of the my camera auto focus functions to help. I positioned my self where I would be shooting from, then adjusted the shutter speed to a wide open aperture before the molten glass was in the scene. I had to tell myself while shooting that any slower the 1/100 shutter speed would create focus difficulties. I was pretty satisfied with this approach, the three photos above are the pickup, smoothing and finishing with adding a lip and handle. I used Photo shop to manipulating the photos size and shape into a document adding a gradient to finish up. Updated March 31,09

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Hugh said...

The Process is a collar pick-up. Ask tom said the cane are fused together and then stuck to a ring of glass on a blowpipe.