Friday, March 20, 2009

On The Bench

On the Bench
by Tom Willa
8x110 Soft Pastel on ArtSpectrum Colorfix
On the Bench is the result of our latest trip to the glass blowing studio. It also sums up a lot of where my creative efforts are taking me this year. It was painted in the studio from a photo. Photos, yesterday I finished up a real estate photo shoot for David Edwards in Issaquah. It was a magnificent home with wonderful windows, an office and great layout.
I really love taking photos and painting. I am off to shoot a family event tomorrow. I am going to try out a 85mm lens. Sometimes the peace of pursuing what we have passions for is little consuming. That relationship creates a larger conflict when you are trying to make a living. The contrasts in this latest painting represents some of those emotions. Warm and cools, spheres and linear, abstract and realism kind of sums up how it feels some days.
I will route an image of the finished vessel and post it for you to see at a latter date, time to finish organizing for the shoot which also involves doing a traveling packing and a quick yoga session to keep me sane

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