Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twin Falls Summer

Twin Falls Summer
By Tom Willa
Soft Pastel on Art Spectrum
7x12 $75 Framed
Twin Falls Trail is a very popular 2 mile trail in the Snohomish area. It is moderate trail with two hills leading up the bridge where you can see the falls. It is a great trail for younger hikers unfortunately during the summer many adults feel it is a playground. The number of children who are unsupervised or not informed that going off the trail will cause serious long term consequences is a little sad.
Enough of that, year round the trail transforms with the seasons. I have hiked it twice with family this year. Once in the spring and recently this summer seeing the falls is wonderful but observing the transformation of the seasons is inspirational, reminding the hiker what a dynamic lovely planet we live on.

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Miki Willa said...

I love this painting. I think the colors are more vibrant in real life. Great depth and color palette.