Monday, June 8, 2009

Pink Bloom

Pink Rhododendron Bloom
12x9 Soft Pastel on Art Spectrum Color fix
by Tom Willa
Ten days left in the Tulip Image Giveaway . Painting is like life, letting going sometimes it is hard. I was trying to use an more abstract background for capturing this backyard beauty but, I didn't quite go completely down that road. It is funny because the sketch and notes I did looks a lot like the painting. What you plan for sometimes is what you get. Painting rhododendrons is a challenge after years of painting hibiscus in Hawaii. The similarity of the process works both ways, I did a lot of large floral in Hawaii, so I decided to paint up a smaller image just to keep my brain from using symbol of hibiscus. I think that worked for me but the challenge of the background may have to addressed in another painting. Sometimes you have to accept what you made, going with the flow and knowing when to move on.

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