Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breakfast of Delight

Hi, yep two days in a row, well its snowing here. I'll probably chase some snow flakes outside in a bit. Before lunch here something deletable for breakfast. I grabbed this recipe idea of the Matol Diet Facebook page, thank you.!/UniveraHealthyWeight 

Coco Nutmeg Pancakes (3)
Put the Pancakes in a bowl a 1/4 of teaspoon of unsweetened chocolate, I think if you put in too much it will get messy. I like nutmeg so a good dash of it. I use a whisk to mix and add in the water, tried two ounces it all just clumped up inside added almost two more. So it let go of the death grip on the whisk and could be spatula out into three clumps. I was a little concerned that they wouldn't dry when they went on the non stick griddle. They bubbled up spread out it was pretty interesting to watch.  After a couple of minutes, they were loose but able to flip'm. They took about the same amount of time on that side.  Delicious light crepe with all the benefits of protein, no sugar and O to little carbs. I may have added some, calories with the chocolate but darn few.

Snow not a lot. But, had to share a little with some of my dear family who is visiting Costa Rica this week. See what you are missing? Washington not only does it rain a lot when you not here but occasionally we get snow.

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