Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not Your Mother's Cola.

Good day its an excellent day to celebrate being in love with your life. Last week ended with 3"gone and a new weigh of 206 lbs, and busier then a bee hanging out at Longwood Gardens. A little something for you Easties, love you. There's a lot of mental processing that goes along with changing how one views food. But alas that's a song for another day.
Let's talk Peach Mango Drink for breakfast, I added an ounce of Aloe Gold, down right yummy! The Prime is in the picture as an added element. Funny while editing the photo guess who hadn't taken any yet today and its all of 7:11 in the morning. Got that out of the way. It's time to walk, hop gently, stand and talk to everyone how live is filled with vitality.

Not Your Mother's Cola

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CeciB said...

Food is not just to fill our body, it is our source of nutrients and health!