Saturday, January 14, 2012

Elegant Dining Experience

Here's a Matol Flatbread, I like to spice it up for Miki.  This one has a good teaspoon of  curry, about a half teaspoon of pepper and garlic salt with a pinch of flax seeds thrown in.  This went along with salad.

Her salad was pretty standard fare, today it included a half of avocado and tomato.  She likes to keep it pretty simple

Miki's Spinach Salad. It's okay but a little tiny for my taste

This one has my name on it.  A cup of  Brussels sprouts cut in half steamed, then some olive oil drizzled on with curry and garlic seasoning and cup of mixed chop celery, califlower and baby bak choi sauteed beside them sprouts and combined together with a touch of lemon covered to stay warm.  It needed a bed of baby Arugula for a base, veggies with a  6oz can of tuna with some sugar free thousand island dressing

That's what we call an elegant dining experience. 

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