Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flowers of My Life

Hi, Sunday's # 202lbs and 40 inches around the belly button.  That's 21.5 lbs and twenty some odd years of weight gone and 7 years off the middle. I really want to say a  huge, enormous "Thank you, my dear friend Marni Good!" for sharing a mini bottle of Xtra last year. Miki and my lives are about real positive changes since we found Univera.

Mimosa Flower, Teresa's Yard,  Portland, August 2011

Sometimes I need a little motivation to step away for the computer.Gratitude and photos of flowers out of the archive to lift the spirit.  Last week was pretty demanding physically as an entrepreneur with several streams of income it can be challenging. Looking forward to the day when I will be a Univera full time Associate. I love sharing and helping others.

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